China’s lunar rover Yutu says ‘Goodnight, humanity’ in creepy farewell letter before freezing to death

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Published on: January 27, 2014
The Yutu rover, heading out across the surface of the Moon

In a weirdly anthropomorphic message, China’s lunar rover Yutu has told the Chinese public that it will probably die during the current lunar night. “Although I should’ve gone to bed this morning, my masters discovered something abnormal with my mechanical control system,” Yutu said, via the state-run Xinhua news agency. “My masters are staying up all night working for a solution. I heard their eyes are looking more like my red rabbit eyes. Nevertheless, I’m aware that I might not survive this lunar night.” I’ll pause for a moment, while you wipe away your tears for Yutu (so named after the Jade Rabbit that lives on the Moon in Chinese mythology).

Via: Extremetech

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